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May Lee Any ruler of a country who doesn't kiss America's ass is deemed an enemy.
Wan Roselan Mustapaha Yes I agreed Zionist poodles mockery deceitful corrupt cruel distortion concoction injustices politicians of heinous brainy dead heartless zionist media brainwashed the whites to Islamophobia and xenophobia
Zain Hoosan The fuckheads of the world don't understand that the laws of Islam prevents them from being robbed and looted. Shit like usuary, bribery - all considered illegal in Islam. Anyway, back to normal programming.
Shane Ferris It was his creation of a Gold backed currency that was his true crime and why he was murdered.
Ibrahim Ali-ib's May the Almighty Allah grant you mercy and forgive your errors Gaddafi. For Libyans who became instruments of destruction of their home land as traitors and stooges to Americans and their Zionist conspirators. They deserve what's coming to them!!!
NeeNee Rodrigo True. He was a bizarre egotistical man but Libyan citizens were materially provided for. Other liberation movements in Africa also benefitted, including Mandela's ANC. Before his end, he had proposed a common currency for Africa based on gold. The continent would have done well becoming independent of the USD.
Mel Haroon But still the american israel terrorist kill n destroy Gaddafi by rebels n overcome the country...so NATO, UN rob the oil n gold from Gaddafi to make israel terrorist world greater killer...
Jim Berryhill AND to top everything off The Global control elitists make sure they kill ones like Him --Hussein-- Bin Laden etc because if they ever had been allowed to tell THEIR stories completely the people of the world would finally wake up enmasse and REBEL against what is eventually going to end us ALL---The USA is no longer the nation its founders envisioned --IT is now just a new age version Of ROME controlled by the same kinds of monsters of greed -and political trash--http://www.globalresearch.ca/libya-ten-things-about-gaddafi-they-dont-want-you-to-know/5414289--
Baz Wilson No good , when you cause terror and destruction in other country's cause their belief system is different to yours, great to look after your own, but if that was fare and just, Britain would still rule the world with and iron rod
ਸਿੰਘ ਰਣਜੀਤ After all I don't support Gaddafi or any other, even I am nor Muslim neither from middle East, Gaddafi isn't only person who raped women or childs,,, Michael Jackson also did that ,michaleJackson fucked childrens. how many ppl do that daily .then why don't Americans criticise michaleJackson,why they move their ASS when this idiot sings😋😋😋😋😋
Steven Allbutt the comments on here are hilarious. Indeed - he was such a great man that one of his fellow countrymen stuck a knife up his bottom to kill him, maybe he should have paid for the whole car not just half of it (WTF!) As for blaming everything on the west and Israel I would start by looking inside all of the hotel lobbys in Londons west end to see who runs your countries and what they're doing with your money. Almost 90 of the worlds 100 super yachts are owned by Arabs...oh the poor oppressed Muslims - theres only 1 Englishman on that list. Grow up and take some responsibility for yourselves and your so called "brothers". This blind and blinkered blaming of the infidels is the very dumbest form of racism and bigotry. Hows that working out for you all so far?
Irshad Kamal The US wants more of this deliberate destruction so it's 'elite' can make billions at the cost of others doing the dying, psychopaths are in residence at the white house
Mike Sellers I find all these facts hard to believe... The country is most definitely worse off then before... He had sm good points, but there was plenty poor before too I'm sure... And did he not slaughter many people in the square who tried to rise up n protest against him.... And the hatred used on him when the civilians caught him... I still hate the Rothchilds n thier banker mates, as well as all the corruption n political agendas in all governments but American politics especially.
Keith Koala This was truly a good man. I was so pissed when I found out they had him killed. And then especially when he surrendered. A heartless, cowardly move, and it just goes to show the type of people were fucking with here. There was all types of business about him in Hillary's private server email.
Ashain Rocker Ferreiro now libiyans are eating,drinking,shitting in democracy and democracy is giving them these things..what a fucking stupid nation..there is nothing worth if that so called democracy can't give people what they want...democracy is a word for western..to involve countries and create a mess..all the libiyans can now roll up their democracy and put it in your ass
Dennis Miller lockerby (sp) he bombed a civilian airliner, and his own people hated him. i'm not sure how this list can be true; maybe it only applied to a select few.
Hamid Nasir He was the best arab leader of libya all the time andhe was best leader among all arab countries Yep he was killed bcuz Libye has highest amount of oil reserves and he wanted to change his currency cro Dinar to GOLDEN DINAR .America was upset bcuz this currency could take over Dollar .That's why america declared him as enemy and killed him down with American imperialism Salute you MUAMMAR GADAFI
David Ferro I find it interesting that everything listed are Western world capitalist ideals and 2. It is not mentioned that if you spoke out against him publicly you would vanish from the face of the earth. No thanks.
Imran Aslam He was a great leader provide in every field of life justice equilty Etc..not accept the crucial samraji system so do sahadat in fronte of explottic system...i want to express more but?
Fahmi Suleiman I'm so sorry for Libyan people even though its harm for other African's too it's more harm on themselves,they follow blindly the Zionist plan know they have been testing for what they have done.
Mark Couldwell Seems there are a lot of people commenting on this post who still believe everything they are told, for instance, anyone posting here actually see him firsthand, raping anybody?
Javed Khan The Libyans who supported this act of absolute atrocity on Gaddafi , must now be crying in blood tears! Its of no use!!!!! May Allah grant Gaddafi the highest place in jannah!!
Mati Ko People, who liked this post are st***. Please, say somthing about his crimes. He was a murder, rapist and sadist. With his money , ha also support the terrorism.
Bert Riel you forget to mention: he raped children and had a very efficient and brutal secret service
AhmeAd El Ghanæ I'm libyan, i hate democracy and Arabic spring But all of what you wrote bull shit and lies
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He made a lot of enemies real quick doing this:
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Geneeskrachtige voeding
"De medicijnmaffia, Dodelijke medicijnen en georganiseerde misdaad Hij is scherp en snoeihard in zijn oordeel over de farmaceutische industrie. De Deense hoogleraar Peter Gøtzsche. Volgens hem maakt de industrie meer slachtoffers dan de maffia in haar hoogtijdagen. Bron: Stuk uit de uitzending van 24 nov 2015 NPO Brandpunt. Gepubliceerd op 12 dec. 2015 .....DELEN DELEN DELEN......
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Tijd voor wat broodnodige zweefkezerij op deze mooie dinsdagmiddag. Meer over dit mooie onderzoek vind je op heartmath.org/research
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Humanity First
The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes
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Corrien Hogenboom Kippenvel foto's en tranentrekkers
Tiffany Gelia sad
Sarah Bolten Please think about what this picture means.... We all love eachother , but we have been misled.. and by this womans clutching of hands and sheer will and desperation in her face- she is desperate for HIM to SEE .... And he wants to desperatley, but he cant ........ THINK ❤️🙏🙌🏻
Alia Jones Grace Schroder bulgaria
Peter Karby <3
Arian Ora Das ist in kosovo Pristina
Don Doni Des war in Kosovo 😣🤐😯🙁😓🤕
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Humanity First
WOW! Ex-Marine Goes Berserk, Blows Whistle On Syrian False Flag And Real Agenda
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